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Children In Need And Georges

About Children In Need

Children In Need is a well-recognised Charity around the world, helping Children from home and from other countries who are suffering at a young age to have a better life! Over the years, organisations have collected millions and millions of pounds for this credible cause and will continue to make more and more each year! 

What We have Done For Children In Need So Far

Here at Georges we love getting involved and always have fun, wacky ideas for everyone to get involved in! In previous years Georges have been busy doing lots of things for children in need including a 48-hour relay race where staff and customers cycled on a spinning bike in Georges front beer garden collecting money from sponsorships and passers-by alike, Georges have also walk over hot coals, literally with customers, staff and even local councillors taking part  to raise some money for a good cause; if you have any ideas for this year's event or just want to get involved you can contact us here, or just fill out the form bellow.

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