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Whats Happening This Week?

Fri - Sep269:00 am

Macmillan - Coffee Morning

Enjoy a freshly ground coffee & homemade cake for Macmillan biggest Coffee Morning here 26th Sept. View our events page for more information

Fri - Sep269:00 pm

Bondy celebrates Nigels 50th!

Join Bondy as he celebrates Nigel's 50th so come on down, have a drink with Nigel and lets dance all night to Bondy's great evening where he lives & breathes to entertain his audience. Your always guaranteed a great night when Bondy's at Georges!

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Sat - Sep279:00 pm

Treble Damage

Nigel is proud to enjoy the evening as a customer as he celebrates his Birthday with Treble Damage Treble Damage are a four piece band based in Cambridgeshire, playing a wide variety of music and always keep the audience guessing! They've been called "The blues rock band with a difference!", and they certainly are different from your average pub band!

Sun - Sep287:00 pm

Martin's Jam

This Jam encourages and tries to develop your skills as a musician! We welcome beginners and professionals to come along and take part. Here at Georges, we aim to help encourage and motivate each other to make good sounds and widen experiences. If you would like to attend, please book in at the bar and we will immerse you into our Open Jam.

Mon - Sep291:00 am

Landlord's 50th

26th September - Join Nigel as he celebrates with Bondy 27th September - Join Nigel as he celebrates again with Treble Damage and their Blues Rock! 28th September - Wind down with Nigel at Martins Jam 29th September - Nigel becomes an old man!! Our Landlord finally comes of age. But it's ok we know he doesn't look his age; it comes as a surprise to many here that he is ONLY 50 but there it is, the truth is out! View all the young and embarrassing pictures here That's right, the end of September we will be celebrating all weekend Nigels 50th, so don't miss out, you've got to be here for this one!!

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