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Whats Happening This Week?

Sat - Nov0112:00 am


Derecho is a female fronted original rock band. Influences range from 60s pop through to punk and classic rock to modern day music. It's not a night you want to miss out on!

Sun - Nov027:00 pm

Tom's Jam

This Jam encourages and tries to develop your skills as a musician! We welcome beginners and professionals to come along and take part. Here at Georges, we aim to help encourage and motivate each other to make good sounds and widen experiences. If you would like to attend, please book in at the bar and we will immerse you into our Open Jam.

Tue - Nov047:00 pm

Folk Club

Chill Tuesday, once a month at georges and the folk from miles around gather at Georges for our monthly Folk club. Singer / Songwriters, Mandolins, Banjos, Ukuleles, Bodhrans, Whistles & Flutes, Harmonicas, and other Folk Instruments are in abundance. What ever your chosen instrument is, join us at Georges this Folk evening! Relax with a wine, a beer or an old english cider and imagine your relaxing in times gone by

Thu - Nov0612:00 am

Thirsty Thursday Karaoke

If you're a lover of singing and being in the spotlight then join us for Karaoke. Every Thursday from 8.30pm and if you're good enough be invited back to our Karaoke Finals, every 3rd Friday of the month with a chance of winning a £50 bar tab and singing live with our musicians. We look forward to seeing you taking part, see you there.

Fri - Nov079:00 pm

Tallawah do Guy Fawkes

Tallawah, formed out of a love for Reggae and the humble vibe of the music. We keep it small and simple and always true to the spirit of the music. Although Reggae is our main fare, we also mix it up with a few of our rock favourites. Jamaica has given us 'Tallawah' which means 'small but tough' and that we certainly are. Look out for us as we will be popping up at a place near you sometime and inviting you to feel the vibe with us. The name again, '!!!

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