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Whats Happening This Week?

Sat - Oct259:00 pm


FORMED IN THE BOWELS OF HELL AROUND 300BC, the ‘tones wrote all your favourite tunes, then gave them away for other bands to take the credit. They showed Hendrix how to play with his teeth, gave Bon Jovi their first perms, and taught the Gallaghers how to be complete pricks. It wouldnt be a stretch to say they invented music. They spend their days rocking the world to within an inch of its life, coming to the places you spend your miserable existence to give you a night you’ll probably wake up sore and regretful from.

Mon - Oct277:00 pm

Camera Club

Georges Camera Club was formed not only to promote the activities of Georges Camera Club, but also to give local enthusiasts a community platform where they can access information, express themselves, exchange ideas and communicate freely with like minded people. Our club, will continue to go from strength to strength with your help, so come to the Club meets on on the Last Monday of each month at 7.00 pm until late. New members are always welcome and there is no pressure to join immediately. Just come along to one of our evenings for a chat. We do look forward to meeting with you soon.

Thu - Oct301:00 am

Thirsty Thursday Karaoke

If you're a lover of singing and being in the spotlight then join us for Karaoke. Every Thursday from 8.30pm and if you're good enough be invited back to our Karaoke Finals, every 3rd Friday of the month with a chance of winning a £50 bar tab and singing live with our musicians. We look forward to seeing you taking part, see you there.

Fri - Oct319:00 pm

Halloween with Bondy

Trick or Treat, the party never ends at Georges. See what we have in store for you... will you get a trick or treat..? Dress up with us, and try one of our special Halloween drinks! Get out this Halloween and don't miss out on a great night! Bondy, a true local singer / songwriter. Will be performing halloween specials we all know, living & breathing entertainment for his audience - there's nothing he cant do!

Sat - Nov011:00 am


Derecho is a female fronted original rock band. Influences range from 60s pop through to punk and classic rock to modern day music. It's not a night you want to miss out on!

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