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What's Coming Up?

Here At Georges We Hold Regular Live Entertainment To Satisfy Everyone's Needs! These are the bands that will be playing this month! Make sure you call us now to book a spot!





Iron Fist are the ultimate 80's rock parody band. They preform with energy and enthuiasm, in high heels, long hair and very tight trousers! They certainly grab their audiences attention! A truley brilliant night that you won't want to miss out on.



Blues based band doing the classic, rock and a hint of soul. From the Huntingon Delta with nothing better to do than Busk on street corners reared their heads in a dark, dank studio in Wyton.



Whiskey Twist are Cambridgeshire's newest based Classic Rock band! Featuring former members of "Mind the Gap", "Krak'n", "Rooster" and "The 59er's.This locally formed band only amplifies the passion of the town.










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