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Whats Happening This Week?

Sun - Dec218:00 pm

Katie's Christmas Karaoke

Katie does VIP karaoke, and all the voices in March to be heard in one location the location that can only be Georges, the last Sunday before Christmas, book a Christmas meal for your friends /work colleagues and then let your hair down with a bit of laughter this Christmas at Georges VIP karaoke. Follow the link to our website for more details on Karaoke!

Not Sure: 10
Wed - Dec246:00 pm


Get together and join in at Georges non stop Christmas party!!

Fri - Dec267:00 pm

Boxing Day Jam with Martin

For more details along with images and videos follow the link to our website.

Sat - Dec279:00 pm

Iron Fist

Party this Christmas with Iron Fist. A band with bright green legwarmers, backcombed hair, and an 80's GLAMROCK STYLE!! they're going to rock your socks off! Join in the fashion and turn up in your 80's gear this Christmas ready to party with the one and only GLAMROCK BAND!! Follow the link to our website for more details on Iron Fist!

Sun - Dec287:00 pm

Martins Jam

This Jam encourages and tries to develop your skills as a musician! We welcome beginners and professionals to come along and take part. Here at Georges, we aim to help encourage and motivate each other to make good sounds and widen experiences. If you would like to attend, please book in at the bar and we will immerse you into our Open Jam.

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