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What's Coming Up?

Here At Georges We Hold Regular Live Entertainment To Satisfy Everyone's Needs! These are the bands that will be playing this month! Make sure you call us now to book a spot.


Christmas Lights Tom & Aimee

November the 27th

Tom And Aimee's Christmas Jam

 Its sure to be a good night when Tom Harklock from such bands as whisky twist, The 59ers and wild honey teams up with his partner Aimee who is the lead singer from wild honey to have music jam at Georges. The jam will be music from multiple genres sung and preformed acoustically.

Iron Fist

November 28TH

Iron Fist

 Iron Fist are the ultimate 80's rock parody band. They preform with energy and enthuiasm, in high heels, long hair and very tight trousers! They certainly grab their audiences attention! A truley brilliant night that you won't want to miss out on.


December the 4th

The O.V.S.C 

the OVSC is a 3 piece band hailing from the market town of Bedford whose roots are sprung out of the 1950’s Skiffle scene combine this traditional sound with the energy of Punk, the swing of Rock and Roll and then layer that with naughty saucy postcard lyrics in true folk story telling fashion and in doing this they have created a truly original sound. That make a fantastic entertainment and great evening out .

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